Medical coaching

Medical coaching principles

Medical coaching is a unique coaching model. Its goal is to provide mental and emotional support to people facing the challenges of a medical crisis, as well as to caregivers, doctors and care workers, by being deeply oriented towards well-being and fulfillment. It is a key element of the integrative, person-centred approach to health.

Benefits of medical coaching

  • Have a safe space to discuss and clarify what’s important for you
  • Learn techniques to manage your emotions
  • Increase your resilience and reduce stress
  • Become the master of your own health journey
  • Develop strategies to cope with the changes in your situation
  • Thrive, live and work with a medical condition
  • Develop and implement a prevention plan

Who is medical coaching for?

  • Anyone…with a view to health prevention and well-being!
  • Caregivers
  • Care workers
  • Helping companies manage their human resources

Medical coaching history

The WHO defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Medical coaching has developed to help people achieve this goal, with a strong emphasis on patient empowerment and prevention. It is particularly suitable for stress management and chronic illnesses such as burn-out, cancer, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.